6 Questions to Extend Your Social Media Presence


The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions

Claude Lévi-Strauss

6 Questions to Extend Your Social Media Presence

These days, a website is not enough. If you’re a smart businessman, you’d get your brand on Facebook too, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest even, and possibly every new social media network that is currently hot commodity. While a website remains the number one go-to place for your customers, it’s through social media that they’ll get to know more about your brand. It’s therefore important that you explore ways on how to increase social media presence of your brand.

But with competing distractions and scores of information online, your options are diverse, possibly confusing, and sometimes challenging. We’ll make it easy for you here, so take a tip from these quick, easy pointers on how to increase social media presence of your business.

 1 – What are your goals? Why should you go to Facebook, have an Instagram or join Twitter? How do you want to use these networks? And, who are the people you want to reach out in each of these networks? A clear answer to these three questions will help you efficiently use social media for your brand.

 2 – How will you strategize your social media content? Each form of social media has a certain distinct advantage over another. There are also certain kinds of content that work best with a particular platform, so it’s wise to be strategic about the content you share. Utilize Twitter, for example, for short announcements, event invites and generally anything that can fit in 140 characters. Facebook is a good way for more active engagement with your customers with daily posts. Instagram can be used to build up the visual portfolio of your brand.

3 – Are you real? People want to know there’s a name and a real face to that Facebook or Twitter account. Complete that profile, if you haven’t done so yet. Most importantly, engage with your customers by answering questions, responding to comments on your Facebook timeline, retweeting and favoriting tweets, or liking Instagram posts.

 4 – Can people connect with you? Do you have social media buttons on your website? The primary reason why you’re on social media is to give your customers options to get to know you more, find you and interact with your brand. One of the ways on how to increase social media presence is to make your social media accounts accessible and available to your customers practically anywhere online. Get your social media up on your website and vice-versa for customers who may be visiting any or all of these platforms.

 5 – Do you bring something valuable on your social media? Content is an important commodity these days, and good content can generate and convert followers and contacts into customers. If you’re on Facebook, post not just content about your brand, but also about the industry and even seek out collaborations with partners that complement your brand.

 6 – Do you hammer the nail? Are you consistent with your presence? People who follow your Twitter account or are in your contacts list on Facebook or LinkedIn are interested in your regular presence. Long absences from social media are a no-no. One of the important reminders on how to increase social media presence is to have a consistent presence online. The rule of thumb is to get at least two posts out on Facebook and two tweets on Twitter every week. Know also the best times to post on social media. For Facebook, experts say it’s one to three in the afternoon, and five to six in the evening for Twitter.

Using social media for your business may be cheap and convenient, but it does require time and dedication to the task. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a financial or marketing whiz to get your social media presence rolling. With Facebook and Twitter daily staples, it’s exceedingly easy to connect and engage with your customers. The limit is the sky, so be bold.

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