Corporate Communication Be Out and Be Known: Establishing Your Personal Branding


Everybody’s got a different way of telling a story… and has different stories to tell

— Keith Richards

Most writers think that switching from the traditional writer to a ghost writer is an easy step. What they fail to realize is that online content writing is a very competitive industry and it takes creativity and hard work to be successful. Writing good stories isn’t enough. One thing they often neglect is personal branding.

If you are one of those who’d like to find a niche in ghostwriting, you should first establish yourself as an expert in the writing industry. The better and the more credible you get to present your image through effective personal branding, the more clients will be interested in what you can offer. Therefore, more projects will come your way.

Be Out and Be Known: Establishing Your Personal Branding

Here are 5 tips on how to come up with your personal branding through your corporate e-books

Establish your readership

Find your target market and make sure all your written works are made intentionally for them. Know your ideal readers’ profiles and backgrounds and analyze their preferences—what they like and they don’t like, content-wise and style-wise, and pattern all your works according to this. If you’ve already established your style that is targeted to a specific market, your name will surely be synonymous to it. That’s how you establish your name—towards your preferred readers.

Identify your readers’ needs

Ask yourself, what do my readers need? What will they get from my e-books? You have to make sure that once your readers go to the online bookstore and they come in looking to be entertained or to be informed, your name would be the first thing on their minds. Therefore, when writing, you have to cater to their needs.

If you choose to inform, make sure you get all your written works with the accurate and up-to-date information. If you want to entertain, make it light and funny. Your style is how they’re going to remember you as a writer.

Establish your goals

When you write, it isn’t always about establishing your personal branding and devising ways how to encourage more readers. It’s also about achieving your goals. It’s about meeting your expectations for yourself. Being a writer is a real struggle, competing with a lot of good fishes in the sea. However, you must know what you want to achieve even before you start writing so you get to track your career success along the way.

Establish your writing strategy

The way you present your story is crucial. It is your story that hooks your readers’ attention. Are you going to the traditional case study approach? Are you going to enumerate a step-by-step procedure or a chronological order to establish your story? Your writing style will depend on what you think will engage your target readers.

Create effective promotional strategies

There’s no other way to establish your personal branding than to promote your written works. You have to let your readers know that you have a good offer. Make sure you have an active online presence so your target readers are up to date with your latest e-books.

The secret to being an in-demand writer is not just to write a good story but more so to generate awareness about yourself in this online writing industry. There’s no other way to do it than to come up with the most effective personal branding as a writer. Do it now before it’s too late.


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