Freelance Consultants : The crucial role of personal branding


Freelance Consultants : The crucial role of personal branding

It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

Personal branding wasn’t a technique that randomly surfaced in the world of online content writing. It initially started as a strategy for popular figures like celebrities, politicians and business leaders. It was a technique maximized by popular personalities to establish and maintain a certain—usually good—image to keep their stature in society and to further attract supporters. However, these days, personal branding has become a usual component of ordinary people’s lives, may it be at work or in their own small and large businesses.

Research shows that self-branding nowadays exceeds mere self-representation and maintaining self-image. It now goes across platforms, mainly putting up social and networking profiles, web pages, blogs and even applying Search Engine Optimization or SEO to promote oneself. This is specifically important for freelance consultants.

Personal Branding and Freelance Consultants

According to research, product branding and personal branding come alike. It is all about presenting the strengths of a particular person. If you are a freelance consultants and you would like to sell your services to companies, you first have to establish what separates you from all other consultants out there. There is tough competition in the market and the only way to stand out is to promote yourself and what you can do. It starts mainly with identifying your value proposition and communicating it to other people through different social media platforms.

Identifying Your Value proposition or Brand

Personal branding starts with establishing who you are as a consultant and what you can offer. It sets you apart from all other consultants out there so make sure your proposition defines you and makes you stand out.

Here are a few pointers on what to consider when deciding on your branding:

1 – Present you as you. Your branding should be a mirror of yourself—your capabilities, strengths and potential. You have to find your own niche in the consulting industry that this is what you are good at, whether it be project management, IT, corporate finance, new regulations, law, marketing, training… etc. Know the field where you stand out and embrace it and further improve it.

2 –  Stick to one. While the digital age and technology now gives you the freedom to present yourself through multiple channels, it is always best to concentrate on one and improve it. It is always recommended to focus on one niche and make your name on it. It’s safe to say that your name will stick to your target audience.

The Success of Personal Branding

The secret to successful branding is knowing how to promote and sell your skills. Know where to make your presence felt online. Come up with a lovely blog to hook the attention of your target readers. Establish links and contacts with other blogs so they also get to promote your works.

Personal branding requires work and effort. You have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top.



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