30 ways to improve your creative thinking skills

Creative-Skills-Improve 30 ways to improve your creative thinking skills

Print this list and stick it in front of your desk


Pick the ones that work for you and leave the rest!

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1. Share your ideas and get direct feedback

2. Got an idea? Write it down

3. Make lists

4. Carry a notebook everywhere

5. Try free writing

6. Write stories

7. Change your perspectives

8. Get away from the computer

9. Take breaksRelaxation time

10. Go somewhere new

11. Quit beating yourself up

12. Improve daily life products Design

13. Sing in the shower

14. Listen to new music

15. Be open

16. Meet a lot of people

17. Surround yourself with creative people

18. Collaborate

19. Build Think ThanksFotolia_36420196_XS

20. Practice, practice, practice

21. Don’t give up

22. Allow yourself to make mistakes

23. Take risks

24. Don’t think out of the box, Burn the box

25. Break the rules

26. Don’t force it

27. Just be yourself

Lachende motivierte Mitarbeiter ziehen am Seil

28. Watch, Learn & Act

29. Finish something

30. Have fun


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