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How to Get Creative Ideas All The Time

In today’s fast-paced world, I think it’s important that you have a different mindset than everybody else. This means that you have to be full of great, fresh creative ideas that can keep you and your enterprise ahead of the competition. No mean feat, if you ask me, since it isn’t as easy as just sitting down and thinking very hard.

So how do you make sure you have great ideas? Do you need to take an MFA (Master in fine art) for this? Do you need Creative Thinking certification or a course in Mindfullness? While any of these might work, a few tips can get you started. Take a look:

1. Use your sense of humor.

Essentially, innovations and great ideas are just old concepts that are put together in a way that is fresh and possibly quite funny. Humor puts things that don’t make sense together in such a way that they do make sense. Learning to laugh at yourself and your creative ideas frees yourself to think of the most outrageous things, and maybe you can stumble upon that combination of concepts for your next big product or service.

2. Love yourself.

I know that sounds over the top but your self-image says a lot to other people and if you aren’t coming across as a confident person, your ideas won’t be heard, no matter how good. If I thought I was a complete loser, how could I have the confidence and courage to think up anything innovative? If you think that you can give people awesome ideas, you most probably will.

 3. Time is not of the essence.

Although we live in a fast-paced world, good creative ideas shouldn’t be rushed. I would like to think that they couldn’t be rushed at all. Sure, you could get an idea and roll it out but it wouldn’t be the same if you had taken the time and gone through a lot of sifting and filtering. Charles Darwin did not think up natural selection in a moment of clarity. He actually thought about it for a long time, as revealed by his copious amount of notes pertaining to the subject. Even if the moment of clarity began with the Eureka, he had to develop the idea for a long time after that.

4. Be childlike, or at least consult with one from time to time.

I found a list on the Internet about the things a good super villain would do. High on that list was that all his grand schemes had to pass inspection from a six year-old. Children aren’t wired with the same limits that we have and can connect things that we don’t normally think go together. They can see patterns and problems that we, as adults, can’t. What’s more, children’s natural curiosity is a must for any business leader. Asking the right questions may be the only way for you to get ahead of the competition.

5. Don’t be afraid of being wrong or being rejected.

I would think that the biggest hurdle to innovations or new creative ideas is the originator’s perception that he can be ridiculed for voicing his thoughts. Although this happens a lot, you may never know the outcome until you speak. Business leaders should not be afraid if people shut down their suggestions. If Marie Curie had been afraid of being wrong, we wouldn’t have radium.

6. Be open minded, don’t set logical limits and boundaries.

I’ve seen a lot of people get great creative ideas but immediately quash them after they realize that something won’t let it work. It may be a bit difficult, but just assume that whatever hinders you isn’t there. I think that there is always a solution or a concept to any problem; imagining that the problem isn’t there can give you incentive to find that workaround or alternative route.

Creative ideas aren’t just lying around and neither are they rare. What’s important is that you’re always searching and always open to things around you. Rejecting things at face value only limits you and your business’ potential.


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