8 things Millennials should look for in an Organization before saying YES!


 by Arnaud de Ghellinck, Content Marketing & Storytelling @ World of Digits

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do, we hire smart people so -they- can tell us what to do  – Steve Jobs

You are a millennial and you’re now looking for a job or a new job since your actual occupation bores you to death. The compensation for the job is important of course but what you want is… the other stuff. You strive for a meaningful job, a positive work environment, with a little of flexibility and a mix of dynamism and fun. Although you know such Eden exists, in our turbulent time, you’ll mostly hear about “burn-out, bore-out and job-strain”. But you’ll also pay attention to those who love their job, their office and co-workers! The way they speak of it does fill you with energy and you’re like, “ Gosh I want to feel like that, that’s what I’m looking for”. Well, today I want to take you on a journey that will help you choose better your job. After a definition of what a millennial really is, we will explore 8 conditions you want to find in an organization before signing up there. You will also find a take away and a list of books and video links if you want to go the extra mile. But first, let me start with 2 stories… 

Story 1: The Millenial look…

It begins on a cold dark Friday night. I was sitting in a shaggy bar in Brussels’ city center with a good friend of mine.  We chatted about our current challenges at work and what was important for both of us career-wise, what makes us happy, pumps up our motivations, etc…

And finally, my friend came to tell me about his wife who is a language teacher and in the process of leaving her job.

His partner was hired in a school that uses a new method of teaching. One that is quite revolutionizing in the field. To ready herself, she even participated in many conferences and talks. The new school she was going to work at had and still has a very positive vibe to it and created an equally empowering environment…

When she came back from one of those conferences, she explained to my friend how big and enthusiast towards the new job she was, looking forward to be part of a new program where she could apply the very appealing new method she really thought could work well for and with pupils.

As I listened to my friend, I could notice how this story was important to him as well. He continued all the way to the climax of it:

“ When she told me how excited she was and eager to start her new mission, she had that look in her eyes… The look of someone who’s truly happy with what she’s doing.”

Story 2: What is important for them at work

Yesterday, after lunch, I went outside with my colleagues.

They told me they wanted a smoke. I told them I wanted to write an article about millennials and what matters the most for them at work.

We laughed and… then the discussion turned serious. Upon listening to them I decided to ask other colleagues out on the topic and gathered some of their thoughts here below.

We all spoke off the record so I can say they were all honest about them:

Valentine: « A stimulating work environment. A team spirit. A vibe. »

Valerie: « An interesting job, with a certain variability and a joyful team. »

Simon: « I need animation around me and feel that what I’m doing is useful. »

Guillaume: « From interactivity is born creativity. An essential element to gain a personal fulfillment at work. »

Pierre-Yves: « Flexibility. Being autonomous with my work so that I can decide how I will do it. »

Claire: « Knowing when I wake up that I will learn something new today. »

Johannes: « Autonomy. Freedom. Managers giving and showing their trust to their employees. »

Maxime: « Yesterday I asked my manager If I could do something in a different way. He told me to go for it that he trusted me. A manager giving his trust like that, it means the world to me. »

They spoke with their feelings but… notice that nobody mentioned compensation…

The definition of Millennial?

If you know the name of that fellow above, it means that you’re a Millennial…

Let’s be serious for a minute…

Also called the Generation Y, Echo-boomers, Digital Natives, whatever the names, they were born between 1980 and the beginning of the 2000’s.

The noun “ millennial ” is credited to Neil How and William Strauss In 2000, who co-wrote “ Millennials Rising”, an essay in which they explore the idea of a group “of which members share the same qualities such as beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors linked to the time period when they grew up during”.

Companies are very much interested in you, millennials. Did you know that in 2015 American organizations spent 65  million dollars to try and better understand your “digital tribe”?

What moves you in life and how they can attract potential talent like you, make you happy and help you grow inside the company was/is at the center of their motives.

Most of them realized that millennials are no longer receptive to the old “ the longer they stay, the more marketable they become “.

Find here below the 8 elements you should look for before giving your YES away!

8 conditions to please Millennials: Not a work but a meaningful mission

1) Positive Working Environment

At the end of the month, a paycheck isn’t the only way people feel good at work.

The company should offer a positive working environment where creativity, team spirit, positive mindset and intrapreneurship are encouraged and fostered.

As a person, you should have a global feeling that your future employer understands that their employees play a major role in the organization’s success.

Holding sports, family days, charitable activities to company outings takes some stress off of your employees. ZinePak for example, grant half-day Fridays and holds charitable activities on working days from time to time.

At World of Digits, for example, we organize drinks every 2 weeks with the team. We also have our fruit day and take care of our consultant who are on mission away and stay in touch with them. We often send each other new ideas and interesting topics to discuss together as a team despite the distance.

positive thinking millennials

2) Creative Empowerment

The economic future of an organization depends on its ability to create wealth by fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. — Linda Naiman

In a previous article, I developed this idea of “Creative Empowerment “. when someone prompted me about employees satisfaction and how high the importance of creativity is in their daily tasks.

I told him that empowerment is a feeling that employees get from being satisfied and that, indeed, leaving room for creativity is one way to do it.

Many companies overlook the fact that creativity can also be a source of empowerment for the workforce because it’ll give them a feeling of ownership over what they do. And there’s no one more motivated than the driver, to get to the destination.

During your interviews as an applicant, ask how managers leave room for creativity and bringing new ideas on the table, how frequently, if they can give you 1-2 examples of Eureka moments.

3) Rewards: a Rocket

The bottom line is, never fail to recognize your employees’ talents, one way or the other.

Someone who provides excellent results, finds a huge breakthrough, brings a new client, creates a framework to facilitate a department’s challenge, etc… deserves some recognition, I’m sure you concur.

By doing so, the organization shows they understand how much its success relies on their talents and that it intends to reckon and respect it. Does your potential employer provide such things?

Rewards don’t necessarily equal money. It can be a recognition on a board, half a day off, an invitation for a fancy lunch, etc…

At Word of Digits, among other things, we have what we called “ the Rocket “, a nice lava lamp that serves as a trophy to celebrate victories as a team and employee’s personal achievements. All together with the team, we give then the Rocket to someone who did well the week before.

Millennials happy at work rewards

4) Leave room for fun

Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun. – Nina Dobrev

Does the organization allow employees to get a little fun outside their job description and between tasks?

If you feel stuck like if you struggle to fill a blank page, there’s nothing more powerful than unplugging brains for a while and have a laugh with a colleague.

Don’t hesitate to look around during the interview, to see how it makes you feel.

I had an interview one day. The CEO had turned a flat into an office and throughout the interview, I felt the urge to ask to have a tour. He sent me around with their receptionist to get a look and feel. I had a clear idea that I could belong to their team, no hesitation.

In my current job though, we have a table soccer, a collection of comics and a chill room! Look down

millennials babyfoot

millennials chill room

5) Flexibility

Ask your job interviewer what matters most for the company? To see the job done or to see that people respect their timesheet?

Happiness is also linked to flexibility and the feeling of having control over your time and your work.

6) Learning new skills

Skills can be improved, not personality.

An employer may always choose their workers according to their resume. But here, you should be looking for one that starves for people because of their mindsets, enthusiasm, curiosity, not only their skills.

Talking about that, does the company invest in their employees’ education?

7) A smooth and efficient Onboarding

Sitting on a chair the first day of your job and not knowing what you should do etc… can quickly turn the “once upon a time” day into one creepy nightmare.

Therefore… make sure the organization is keen on offering an efficient onboarding. Maybe you can check out how they do it on their social networks or with them during the interview?

How will the onboarding take place? Is there a welcome package? what’s the content? What do you need to bring, will there be someone dedicated to helping you integrate faster?

It’s also good to have clear and realistic expectations about your job. What will be your exact mission? Is it clear or foggy?

8) The organization has a meaningful mission

Does your company have a purpose or do you just sell stuff? –  McLeod

Check out the video below starring Simon Sinek.

To stay motivated at your job, you should understand the mission underlying your role inside the company and it should be meaningful to you.

As an employee, you should also be challenged from you employer.

Striving people love challenges. they make them feel good at work when they’ve overcome a significant challenge or hurdle. They grow as employee and people in terms of team cohesion, motivation, dynamism. It does reveal the best out of them

At World of Digits, it’s “ We believe Life should made of great experiences “ because we want to inspire our employees and set a global direction into all our efforts and action.

Nowadays, millennials like YOU want more. You should look for positive environment and workplace where you will get a feeling of fulfillment.

Look for jobs that are meaningful to you, that resonate with your personal values, heart and life objectives.

The goal isn’t to find a place where to work but tone to accomplish great things, to undertake heartfelt missions and feel like you belong to something bigger than just a lucrative position.

So before you jump into a job position, do think about the elements above.

One last word…

At World of Digits, we try to gather all those elements and give you an opportunity to fulfill your goals in life.

If you want to hop on the boat and join us here, check out our jobs vacancy right here… We are waiting for YOU! 

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