How do Big Data Impact every Aspect of our Lives?

By September 29, 2016Big Data


The Big Data ecosystem is real and it affects every aspect of our lives, from businesses to individuals’ health.

This video is addressed to everyone willing to know more about the effects of Big Data on their lives. The author of this TED talk is Charlie Stryker. He explains how individuals can extract the most information possible among massive amounts of data in order for society to benefit from them.

According to him, the Internet enables to simultaneously undertake four diverse actions:

  • The updating of massive amounts of data;
  • The ability to structure this data;
  • Being able to find its insight;
  • Delivering that very insight for use.

Charles Stryker also provides an example of a positive effect of Big Data for people’s health. Several cancer institutes decided to assemble all their data as regards the treatment and the outcomes of all cancers. When confronted to a new case, oncologists could then rely on this amount of data to know how to treat the new case.