3 Tips To Boost Creativity and Inspiration

Don’t lose your Creativity and Your Inspiration!

We were all born with creative resources waiting to be tapped. When we were children, we were able to invent games with our parents or play with household items as toys and that qualifies as beings creative. At school, we were required to make projects, write essays and perform in theatres, and that too required creative thinking. In the workplace where we may be required to come up with a catching campaign, an eye-stopping design or a brief that literally holds the attention of the readers call for creativity. Despite common belief that creativity is something you are born with, it is actually a value or quality that can be harnessed and explored. It’s like taking a bus to a place you don’t know and where you will discover new perspectives.

However, even some of the most creative people sometimes get stuck. You may see a problem or issue with no solutions or alternatives. Treating it as a dead end means giving up on your creative potential. But if you know how to unlock it, you have better chances of facing this challenge with more confidence and ideas at hand.

Here are some thoughts that you can apply when you find yourself lacking with creativity.

1- Imagination.

Our imagination is a powerful tool that holds a lot of potential. A prisoner-of-war, Colonel George Hall, was kept in a dark box for seven years. All throughout this period, he played golf with his mind. Soon after his release, he joined a golf open and scored very well. This is an excellent example with how far our imagination can take us. Imagining that you are actually doing that thing, being that person and being in that situation increases your awareness of the problem and the viable solutions. To do this, find a quiet place where you can relax. Let your mind wander without restrictions or boundaries. In your mind’s eye, play the problem. Relive it and see it in all aspects. At one point or another, you will find an angle or aspect that will unlock your creative potential. To unlock your creative potential I invite you to read this post: 11 useful Tricks to Improve Creative Thinking

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 2 – Fresh Eyes.

Using the fresh eyes is a technique that allows you to see the problem aside from your own perspective. If you’ve been dealing with an issue for so long, you might be seeing the problem from your own insight alone. If you think outside-the-box, like a child, a grandmother or a teacher will give you new insights. Ask yourself: how would a child (or a grandmother or teacher) react if faced with this situation? How would he or she handle it? Using fresh eyes is an excellent method if you want another approach to the problem embodying a different persona.

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3 – Triggers.

Creative triggers are memories that bring you back to a situation where you felt relief, happiness and excitement after solving a particularly hard problem. Evoking similar feelings or emotions helps up your confidence, subconsciously engaging you to push further to achieve that feeling of elation once again. To do so, you need to keep a memory and a gesture that gives you that kind of trigger. Gestures such as putting a finger on your temple or putting your hands together aren’t as important, you only need them to associate yourself with that particular memory.  Immerse yourself into that emotion and focus on it. The more often you do this, the easier it is for the trigger to come to you.

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Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. Abraham Maslow Quote Creative-Corporate_culture

Creative habbits are helpful in summoning your creative mojo when faced with a creative block. Applying these concepts will help you see the issue in angles you never seen before and offers you more ideas to tackle the challenge. Channel your creative persona by applying or using your:

  • Imagination
  • Fresh eyes
  • Creative triggers

Creativity is a state-of-mind that allows you to do novel things or find solutions to problems with ideas and alternatives. Practicing creativity in the workplace is important, and the more tools and methods you have in your pocket, the better you are in executing your job.


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