Ghost Writers & Business Pitches: How to Nail It


Writing business pitches are common nowadays for ghost writers. Business clients would usually require their writers to come up with the best business pitches that they can deliver to prospect investors. Pitches are short but concise. They are business summaries that explain everything about a business in the shortest time possible. Therefore, written and presented pitches should master all corners of the business venture. Aside from being informative, it should also be creative and engaging so as not to bore the listeners.

As a ghost writer, you have to know how to write and deliver the best business pitches. Now, here is a quick list of what slides you must include when writing and preparing business pitches.

Ghost Writers & Business Pitches: How to Nail It

The title slide

This slide should contain all profile, background and contact information of the presentor, meaning your client. This serves as an introduction.

The main problem

What is it that the market lacks? What is it that the market needs? Who are the market players that are directly affected? How does the market deal with this problem for now? How long has this problem been a pain for the market? How bad does this problem need to be solved? Through this slide, you have to convince your listeners that there is, indeed, a problem and that it really needs to be solved. You can quite be playful, creative and imaginative in presentin the problem. It really depends on your style.

The best solution

This where the ghost writer convinces them that the solution you are presenting is the best there is. You have to let them realize that your solution is better than any other offers and therefore, you have to explain why and how it actually works.

The business plan

This is where you present one by one the main components of your proposed business: the target market, the product or service you want to offer, the infrastructure and machinery, and the financial capabilities. This establishes your capacity as a business venture and measures how firm you are in the market nowadays.

The team

This is where you introduce each part of the team, their individual credentials and the team’s accomplishments so far. This is where you prove why your team is worthy of their business nod.

The power of technology

This is where you take pride of the technology, equipment and machineries you use to prove that you are capable of delivering products and services. This is where you mention of the state and planned upgrades of your clinics and labs, as well as your IP’s status.

Market matters

This is where ghost writers analyze and determine your target market. This is where you explain how you’re planning to drive market sales and sustain it? How are you going to make your market buy your products and services and maintain the sales?

Dealing with competitors

This is where you recognize your competitors and analyze where you stand in the competition. What technologies and strategies do you have that can compete with your competitors? Put in mind that your competitors are always there to outdo you so anticipate their response with every marketing strategy you use.

Money matters

Present your financial status and capacity through a five-year pro forma complete with cash gloe, profits and also losses, balance sheets, revenues and also cash needs.


You have to let them know of the current status on what has been made and achieved so far and what still needs to be done. Update them also of the financial matters such as the budget expenses and budget needs.


As a ghost writer, always remember to be brief but concise and be sure to be on point at all times.


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