Ghost Writers : Champions behind Champions

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Ghost Writers : Champions behind champions

 It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up. 

Muhammad Ali

  Do you know those people? Mohammed Ali, Rihanna, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, J.F.Kennedy, Keith Richards… beyond any doubt your answer is  ” yes! “.

Now what about Jack Webster, Sia Furler, James Fox, Tony Scwhartz, Edward Whitley or Ted Sorensen? Anyone? No? Those are the ghost writers behind the well-known above, they are their mouth and pen.

What Are they?

Ghost Writers are sponges. They absorb your thoughts and feelings to put them down they way you wish to express them instead of you and without taking credit for it.

How it works?

They are actually professional and amateur writers who choose to write for clients and get paid without being credited. Simply, they are just like any other writers who work for a client and write several articles or books and are assigned deadlines on specific tasks. It is just that ghost writers work behind the camera, so to speak. They are not or are rarely mentioned, credited or acknowledged.

Here is a quick list of how a ghost writer differs from a traditional writer:

1 – Working on a freelance basis. Most of the time, a ghost writer works on a freelance mode. They write for a particular company or a particular client without having to stay in the office on an eight-hour shift. The writing task is usually sent via e-mail or other online sharing platforms and ghost writers are given a specific deadline to complete it. They, then, send in their written works online on or before the deadline.

2 – Money transfers as payments. Ghost writers don’t get pay slips. They are paid via money transfers like Paypal, Xoom, bank transfers, among others. They usually track their projects and their clients’ payments through invoices. The mode of payment depends on the agreement between the client and the ghost writer.

3 –  They don’t get the by-line. Ghost writers can write and submit e-books, articles or blog posts without their names. Their written works get published in different websites and can even get published on printed materials like thesis but they do not get credited and acknowledged. Sometimes, the client includes the name of the ghost writer as the editor or as part of the acknowledgement.

Why, then, do some writers choose to be ghost writers?

There are a lot of writers nowadays who choose to leave their desk jobs and go on a freelance basis as a ghost writer. True enough, there are a lot of disadvantages to being a ghost writer, especially not being credited for their work. However, many writers have disregarded that fact, knowing that they still have a lot of benefits working as a freelance.

Here are a few reasons why they still choose to be ghost writers:

1 – Higher fees. Ghost writers are paid higher rates than usual writers. They are usually paid in dollars, no matter where in the world they are. The fees depend on how many words per article or per e-book do they write.

2 – Flexible working schedule. Ghost writer are given deadlines and it is up to them how they complete their writing task within the specific period. Time management is easier because they don’t have to go to the office.

3 – Minimum supervision. Ghost writers work with less supervision from their clients and bosses. This works effectively for some writers who get conscious when their bosses roam around them while writing.

Being a ghost writer is fun and at the same time, challenging. Deciding to go freelance is a decision that comes with responsibilities and at the same time huge benefits. Ghost writing is a career than will not only ear you money but also wonderful lessons as a writer.



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