How to successfully launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

launch an influencer marketing campaign

by Sacha Thonon – Digital Marketing Communication @ World of Digits

Influencers. Who are they, where are they, and what are they up to? What to do in this new era of socialization through digital channels? Keeping up with the trends is one thing. Another is to actively engage in this new phenomenon. Hence this question: how to best prepare your business for these new developments? The purpose of this article is to give you the basics to launch activities with key players of the sector who will guide your clients or prospects throughout the entire process of information consumption.


Content is produced in a large amount, adapted and customized

The time when marketing was restricted to merely promoting the qualities of the products themselves to the largest audience possible is out of date.

What matters today is creating a strong customer experience, telling a story and being passionate about it. It is about placing customers at the heart of your action, reaching them in an almost individual and privileged fashion through a wide range of platforms. With these key elements in mind, your communication will be a success story.

Enhancing one’s communication logically implies producing more content, articles, stories, images or other material designed to keep the customer’s interest in your brand over time.

In reaction to internet users’ wariness and (kind of) rejection towards traditional advertising, the brands have started to ponder new communication methods.

It is against this background that influencer marketing arose.

Why launch a program with influencers?

In the past few years, there’s been a growing trend of projects involving influencers with many followers. As it does not cost much and reaches a large audience, the results proved to be very effective.

Influencers can typically build privileged and trustful relationships with their followers.

Before giving in to the temptation of launching such a program in order to keep up with the trends, make sure that you know exactly the reasons why you want to get involved in this kind of activity. Therefore, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the reasons for launching a program with influencers?
  • Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand/company on social media?
  • Does it complement your actions of communication?
  • Is it the first step towards a potential new market with future commercial actions?
  • Does it offer an alternative model to a more “traditional” communication campaign?

All these questions might spring up to your mind while thinking about the potential implementation of such a program. Identifying the reason for launching this kind of activity for your business is crucial. Sticking to the same guiding principle will allow you to remain focused on your objectives and define a better strategy in accordance with the basic goals.

Regardless of the type of goals under consideration, it is possible to work with influencers, whether it be the industrial sector or the general public. But be careful. Avoid losing touch with your primary objective. Otherwise, the image of your brand/company will instantly and in record time deteriorate.

One goal, one strategy. Keep this motto in mind.

An adequate structure – the necessity of good relations

Another aspect is really essential here. You must keep in mind that collaborating with influencers requires constant availability.

If you want your collaboration to continue over a certain period of time (highly recommended), you should remain available and be quick to answer any question. Given the high speed of communication between influencers and their followers, you must keep pace with them.

Working with influencers thus requires a certain degree of flexibility in-house in order to optimize your responsiveness and adaptability. In case you cannot meet influencers’ expectations quickly enough, think twice before implementing such a program in-house. If not properly managed, partnerships with influencers could backfire and damage your brand/company.

If you face difficulties in adapting your in-house structure to the pace of influence digital campaigns, do not hesitate to turn to agencies that are specialized in digital marketing and communication. Although simple at first glance, campaigns can turn out to be very complex if you want to achieve optimized results.


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