Discover the new Business Changemakers and rulesbreakers

Discover the new Business Changemakers and rulesbreakers

I firmly believe that the core value of a business is not about selling, it’s to improve people’s lives through innovative ideas that can bring a real change in the world. People now recognize that the most powerful thing in this evolving world is a great idea in the hands of a capable entrepreneur. Companies like Google and Apple attract great professionals who are great thinkers and doers because they pledge to give them freedom and autonomy to do their best and act as independent players. In this scenario no matter their position in the organizational structure, anyone can be a changemaker. changemakers.

We are transitioning from an old era of small elite that runs everything to a world in which everyone needs to be a changemaker.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look around you. Only those institutions, organizations and cities, are leading the pack, which are run by the changemakers. You can see where the smart and capable people are moving. I believe that an approach that is based on command-and-control only works in a relatively static world where most tasks are repetitive — such as building cars on an assembly line. It does not work in today’s fast-paced, innovative world that is going to be ruled by the real changemakers. Obviously, the old ways will not work tomorrow.

The Role of a Social Intrapreneur

Social intrapreneurs are becoming instigators in the race towards a new kind of economy. These changemakers are developing innovative and scalable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems across diverse industries. I believe that small changes can set off chain reactions, especially large organizations with a lot of influence. Ambitious social entrapreneurs can make a big impact on the business world along with those changemakers working inside big companies to make a difference from the inside out.

At the recent inaugural League of Intrapreneurs Awards hosted by Ashoka Changemakers, we heard that    small changes are heralding a quiet revolution. Here is an example from the group of four winning social intrapreneurs who are building big projects inside their companies.

Mandar Apte of Shell

Apte created EMPOWER program to invoke innovation among Shell’s staff. This program helped Shell’s employees nurture their innovation skills through meditation.  Over 500 employees have attended introductory EMPOWER sessions since its launch in under a year. As a result, 96% of respondents from almost 200 participants are now in a better position to understand what’s blocking their innovative abilities.  Ashoka rightly calls Mandar Apte as “the intrapreneur’s intrapreneur” because a number of leading companies like Cisco, Oracle and Google have shown their interest to implement this program.

Relaxation time

The Bottom Line

From the moment we are born, society has already contrived to shape our fate. We are pressed into thinking small throughout our entire lives—by others, our environment, and the existing systems within our society. To be effective in this new world and become a real changemaker, you need to master the skills of empathy and teamwork, as well as leadership and change. If we don’t curb our faculties, our global community of changemakers envisions a world in which every person can realize their full potential and be a leader in creating meaningful solutions to our shared challenges—we call it a Changemaker world.

Are you ready to be a changemaker in the private, local or global sector? Do you and your team have the necessary skills? You need to know how to fit in this new world of changemakers. You will need to know how to function in a world that is constantly evolving and is not a hierarchy but a kaleidoscopic global team of teams, with no boundaries between sectors and change that happens at an escalating pace.

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