Smart Homes are not a Dream, They are Part of our Reality


The “Internet of Things”, this group of items that had never been digital, has now become a bunch of useful connected devices. All these smart appliances work with a common language.

 “Smart home” has now taken advantage of the so-called “Internet of Things”. Matt Emmi, the co-founder of OneButton, explains how “smart homes” have benefited from simple devices to create technological solutions.

The use of  “Internet of Things” or “IoT” to create “smart homes” only relies on the appliances that people have. This principle is really about “less is more”. From music, to lightning and security, it is important to notice that non-professionals can easily use the devices of the “smart home”.

Those devices needs to be smart but also controllable and well designed. “Smart” refers to the fact that there is always a degree of intelligence associated to the device. This intelligence also has to come in the design, such as pressing a single button to unlock a phone. In other world they should provide great user experiences.