The Best Among the Best: How to Pick the Right Corporate Communication Ghost Writer?

By February 15, 2015Ghost Writing


There is no motivation higher than being a good writer

Tom Wolfe

If you have been in the online world for quite some time, you know for a fact that content is the most crucial element of success of your webpage. You know, too, for a fact that you cannot do this alone, especially if you are not that into writing. How, then, will you come up with good content?

Of course, you need a ghost writer. Check up our last articles about ” Ghostwriters : Sponges Behind Projector Lights ”

A ghost writer provides quality content for your webpage in your behalf. His name, though, does not appear on the page. There are a lot of ghost writers available to provide writing services nowadays. The question, though, lies on how to find the best ghost writer in town? How will you know that he or she is the best pick? Always remember that you’re spending some good bucks for this writer to provide high quality articles and therefore, you should be picking only the best writer who is excellent content and style-wise.

The Best Among the Best: How to Pick the Right Corporate Ghost Writer?

1 – Find the Ghost Writer who knows your topics so well

It is important that the writer you will be hiring has background and knowledge on the topics you’d be asking him to write about. He should, at least, have experience writing on these topics, especially if they get too technical, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to play around with writing.

2 – Find the Ghost Writer who has flawless grammar

Some write well but are not good in grammar. You need a ghost writer who will write content which you do not have to edit that much. You need a writer that has style in relaying things. You need a writer that has mastered the English language so your webpage content is as sophisticated and classy as possible.

3 – Find the Ghost Writer who is available to contact every day

Working through emails, phone calls or Skype will be a hassle if your writer is not online most of the time. Communication and coordination is important and you wouldn’t want a writer who won’t give you updates on his writing tasks.

4 – Find the Ghost Writer who already has a wide experience on writing online

You have to get the writer who has years of experience as an online content writer. With experience, he pretty much knows the usual writing tasks and how to do it, the style and tone of writing depending on the client’s purpose, and how to manage his time well despite tons of writing tasks on his desk. You’d love to have a writer with minimum supervision but still gets the job done on time.

5 – Find the Ghost Writer who is punctual, efficient and easy to work with

The writer’s work attitude and ethics should be a top consideration. There are many ghost writers that are good in what they do but lack respect and good manners. Be sure you get the writer who is good inside and out.

Now that you know what to look for in a ghost writer, you can start posting job vacancies in different websites, blogs and platforms. Be sure to choose carefully!


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