4 Tips to Become a Values-based Leader For Your Tribe

values based leader

 by Lorenzo del Marmol – Co-Founder & Manager @ World of Digits

I think that innovative companies and creative brands all need values-based leaders. People who know and can embody value creation.

Motivating people in today’s fast-paced digital world is not as simple as giving them more money.

People are looking for meaning in their life and daily work, that’s why they should look for a company with a value-based leader.

Harry M. Kraemer (Ex CEO Baxter) has a lot of great insights on how to be a leader who knows about value creation. In his book From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership, I agree with him completely when he espouses that being a leader with values sometimes isn’t enough, but that you should also inspire the same values in your team.

But how do you become a values-based leader? Kraemer gives you 4 tips that I’ve summed up for you here below:

 1. Engage regularly in self-reflection.

Good leaders always examine their own actions and evaluate themselves on what they’ve done.

It’s important for them that they know they’ve done what they’ve set out to do and to see if they made any mistakes that need to be rectified.

Being able to look at yourself and consider everything you’ve done for the day can help you make big decisions.

Kraemer, who was the CEO of Baxter, always sat for a few minutes to think about what happened and what he did at the end of the day.

The daily practice of self-reflection helped him make good business decisions since his mind was trained to consider a lot of data and actions all at once.

Value creation always lies in a leader’s ability to know what values he wants his team to adopt, and a person can only know that if he or she can reflection on their own actions at the end of each day.

 2. Open your mind and heart.

Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but leaders who are interested in value creation for themselves, their team and the company know how to accept and take in everything first before judging or making decisions. I think it takes a great person to not immediately get mad, take offense or react negatively to any sort of input and value-based leaders can balance their own views and principles with others if it’s possible.

3.  Have true self-confidence, not arrogance.

Kraemer tells us about the time when he went up to the CEO when he was virtually a nobody and told the latter that acquiring a firm for $100 million dollars did not make sense for the company. Kraemer knew that the acquisition would be bad for the whole company and made sure that the CEO knew. It takes someone with courage and genuine concern for the company to do that. Arrogance has no place in a leader geared for value creation, but knowing when you have to be heard is very important.

 4.  Always be humble and remember where you came from.

All CEOs started somewhere small, and Kraemer says that he can empathize with and understand employees lower down the corporate ladder because he used to be one of them. He also never lets his success go to his head, and focuses on how to make the company better for everyone involved in its growth.

Such leadership style requires greater execution, which involves 4 management processes that need to work together:

  1. Strategic process:  Instead of making a time-limited strategic plan, work on an ongoing basis, focusing on where the firm is and where you want it to go. You need to set a clear direction.
  2. People process: You need to engage people. Create and lead a dream team that can attain its objectives.
  3. Operations process: Ensure that day-to-day operations support long-term goals.
  4. Measurement process: To achieve success, measure your staff’s progress.

Essentially, leaders espousing value creation aren’t imposing their own values on their team and their company. Their mere presence, charisma and how they’ve acted inspire people to emulate them and perform just as well for the company.

One last word…

At World of Digits, our tribe applies those 4 elements on a daily basis. What’s more, we give everyone an opportunity to fulfill their goals in life and become its own leader.

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