The 3Ws and 1H of a Great Corporate Content Marketing Culture


 The value of information – content – in marketing communication has shifted in focus tremendously over the years. In traditional marketing, information is central to planning, designing and carrying out marketing tactics and strategies – knowledge of the customers, information on the market, and  information about the product and how to best package it. With digital and online marketing, however, information has become more than means to sell a product; it has become the product itself. Content has become both currency and commodity. Many of our clients are asking us, what is content marketing and how to adapt it to corporate communication.

The 3Ws and 1H for your Corporate Content Marketing

The What

Content marketing is essentially marketing digital content on electronic and digital channels. The emphasis of content marketing is the content itself, rather than the actual product or service. When customers are presented with a product or a service, they are oftentimes also interested in what the product does, how it works, what can they do with it, why they think they should have it, and even what the company that sells the product does.  It’s the same for your corporate communication!  Don’t speak about your company performance, new processes or strategies. Tell them stories of other employees, show them how other departments works, try to understand what people value and how that information should be presented to them.

Corporate Content marketing is akin to convincing someone to sign up for a new project or to talk about your brand. Remember your employees are your first ambassadors.

 The Why

Content marketing became a hot item with the introduction of digital and online technology where information/content became the more important item being traded around. Businesses started putting up blog posts that talk about their industry, and people started posting photos on Instagram and Facebook. Conversations about a brand, product and service are started with hashtags.

One of the things that make content marketing a total winner is its flexibility. Content marketing is easier to reproduce, multiply and repackage. Digital content is easily shared and reproduced in various forms, from blog posts and ebooks to white papers and downloadable audio and video clips. They can be stored online, downloaded, accessed through offline databases, etc.

When people ask us what is corporate content marketing, we try relate it to the New World Of Working. With information made easily accessible on the World Wide Web and faced with varied options, employees have tended to seek out and get as much information about a company first before working with them. Today people want to know what sets your company apart from the competition and learn about your mission, your people and your authority in the industry. Your corporate communication is your voice, a new way to inspire and empower your people.

 The Where

So, where do you start corporate content marketing ? It would all depend on where you are in terms of your communication goals. Do you want to attract new talents ? Do you want to create a customer centric culture ? Do you want to engage a specific department ? Do you want to talk about people skills? Do you want to educate… Perhaps, you might need to find out what else your employees need. All these are possible entry points for corporate content marketing.

The How

The critical question next to what is content marketing is how it’s done. First, you need to learn about your audience, the information they need and want, and the channels and platforms they would like to use for accessing information. What content do they usually look for ? What information do they read on your blog, mails, on your social media accounts? What kinds of content click with them?

Second, think in visual terms. Audiences these days are stimulated by colors, graphs, pictures, and animations. Part of content marketing is packaging your story into a visually-stimulating presentation that will draw your readers’ eyes in to your content.

Finally, monitor your performance. Once you’ve got your content out, don’t forget to see how they’re performing. See how many people have viewed your content, liked it and shared it outside your organisation. Find out how many people are looking for other information about your culture as a result of the content you’ve shared.

What is corporate content marketing? It’s an adaptation. We live in a world wide web, a digital world where employees behavior has changed. Stop focusing on your company figures or strategy and create content your audience want. Don’t send financial, give content about how healthy your company is, about how your company works, interviews of members and finally build trust and loyalty with your employees.

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