The Best Royalty-Free Images Libraries on Earth to Build Your Corporate Identity [List]

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— Pablo Picasso

Images allow companies to tell their stories visually, enhance the content they share and build their corporate identity.  Finding those images can really be challenging. Hopefully,  there are online royalty-free images libraries with thousand of images at your disposal and for free !

Here I share with you the places that I personally use when I go hunting for royalty-free images. I listed them according to my own preferences.

My advice : Pick libraries that help you the most and save them in a folder ‘tools’ in your favorites. You can also add this post next to the one about the best marketing campaigns.

Let’s rock!

The 5 Best Places on Earth To Find Royalty-Free Images For Your Content Marketing

1 – Unsplash

My personal favorite : Unsplash. With 10 new photos added every day under the license ‘Do whatever you like’, this library deserves your attention by the strength and the quality of its images. With an offer as good as Pixabay, it can truly become the true king of the hill.

2 – Pexels

Pexels‘ landing page is really similar to the one of Pixabay, another library we will talk about later. However, the key difference here sticks out when you notice the quality of the results given by their search engine. Give it a try : Type the word ‘planes’ here and then use Pixabay. Which one offers the best results according to you ?


3 – Pixabay

Pixabay is the tool that I was always using before discovering alternative royalty-free stock photos sources. Overall, I find the tool very satisfying. It allows you to find vector graphics and drawings, which can be very useful if needed. However, it has mainly become my spare wheel in my treasure hunt.

4 – StockSnap

StockSnap lets you to mainly sort your photos by ‘trending’ or ‘downloads’, which can be useful if you’re lacking inspiration.

5 – Picography

Like Unsplash, the library removes any possible uncertainty by announcing ‘Use them however you like.’ Thanks Picography !




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